Unique oligo design

The purpose of "unique oligo design" is to select unique oligos, i.e., oligos each of which appears exactly in one input sequence but does not appear exactly or approximately in any other. The process consists of two step: 1) upload unigene sequences; 2) specify parameters for selection and filtering.

Explanations of the terms involved can be found in the "help" page. The executable under Linux and the source code in C++ can be downloaded in the "download" page. A toy version of input data can be found in the "download" page.

Because this is a computation-intensive process, please be patient when waiting for output. When input size is bigger than 50 MB, we recommend you download the program from "download" page and run it locally.

Note: ONLY plain text files are accepted; please DO NOT upload Microsoft Word, Rich Text Format, or PDF files etc.

Step 1: Input unigene sequences

Upload unigenes in FASTA format (smaller than 50 MB):

Step 2: Selection and filtration parameters

Max number of unique oligo(s) reported for each unigene (must > 0)
Min GC content (%) Max GC content (%)
Min melting temperature (° C) Max melting temperature (° C)

Step 3: Receiving output:

Oligos will be sent via email. Please input your email address:

It'll take a bit time to upload the file; please wait for a window with text confirming your email address. Thank you!