Popular oligo check

The purpose of "popular oligo check" is to visualize how popular oligos match with input dataset. Both popular oligos and unigenes are to be uploaded as files in FASTA format by users. The output information includes the locations on unigenes where oligos occurs, GC content and melting temperatures of oligos, mismatching nucleotides, etc. The format of output is explained at the end of the output.

Explanations of the terms involved can be found in the "help" page. The executable under Linux can be downloaded in the "download" page. A toy version of input data can be found in the "download" page.

Due to the limitation of computational resources, if your input size is bigger than 50 MB, please download the program and run it locally.

Note: ONLY plain text files are accepted; please DO NOT upload Microsoft Word, Rich Text Format, or PDF files etc.

Step 1: Input unigene sequences

Upload unigenes in FASTA (smaller than 50 MB):

Step 2: Input popular oligos (each of length 36)

Upload popular oligos in FASTA (less than 1000 36-mers):